We are looking forward to the new ways of making online education comfortable and accessible for the greatest number of people.
Back in April 2012, we gathered together to address the issue we faced at our previous workplaces: it’s challenging to run e-learning projects. There were many reasons, and one of those was the absence of authoring and learning management tools that would be modern, easy to use and effort-saving. We started Courselle to enable people pretty much like ourselves creating efficient and attractive courses with joy. In this exciting journey, we’ve learned a lot from hundreds of ambitious corporate education projects we enabled together with our amazing customers. Progressing through technology evolution, a hurricane of buzzwords and trends, winning a deal after deal we strengthened our core values:
  • Happy customers – the most valuable asset
  • Integrity prevails over the interest
  • Teaching is enabling people to do things
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
Now we are the team, passionate about anything that makes education accessible to the greatest amount of people. Anything that makes it affordable, efficient, engaging and inspiring.

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